, new website to promote cider culture and tourism internationally

4th April 2019 By 0 Comments

The website was launched this week with the aim of promoting international cider culture and tourism. The initiative has been promoted by the International Network of Cider Culture and Tourism Destinations founded in September 2019 in the Basque Country and collects information on 10 places related to this drink: Basque Country (Spain and France), Herefordshire (United Kingdom), Armagh (Northern Ireland) ), Mostviertel (Austria), Frankfurt am Main (Germany), Cornouaille (French Brittany), Asturias (Spain), Wales (United Kingdom), Hardanger (Norway) and Galicia (Spain).

The website is the result of the work done in recent months, after in September all the destinations agreed to create an international network to work together in the promotion of culture and tourism around cider. One of the first steps has been the creation of a joint destination brand and the launch of the aforementioned website.

The website collects information on each of the destinations, with details on the cider production, on the tourist resources of each region as well as the culture and heritage linked to this product. In addition, in the sections dedicated to each place you will find information about specific tourist experiences or events related to cider. Along with the web, the network has launched its own broadcast channels on the main social networks, such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Coinciding with the launch of the new platform, Ciderlands will be present for the first time at Cider World, the largest cider fair in Europe, which will be held on March 30 and 31 in Frankfurt (Germany). The network will have its own stand, which will show information on the tourist and cultural offer of each region.

This are the first steps of the network after its establishment, which will be followed by other initiatives, such as joint research projects and the organization of an annual event in the destinations that are part of the network.


Ciderlands was founded in September 2018, during the International Cider Culture and Tourism Meet-up held in the Basque Country. The initiative began to be forged in November 2017, during the Sagardo Forum Cider Congress, where a draft of an international collaboration project was presented at the proposal of Ciderzale, the consultancy in charge of the technical secretariat of Ciderlands.

The cider culture and tourism meeting was attended by more than 15 representatives from Austria, England, Wales, Ireland, Germany, Norway, Galicia, Brittany, Asturias and the Basque Country. During the meetings, all of them agreed to create an international network that will allow the sharing of knowledge in the development and dissemination of tourist experiences and culture related to cider.

Haritz Rodriguez, promoter of the initiative and head of the technical secretariat, stated that “beyond the differences existing in the product, there is a close cultural relationship between the cider-producing countries. For this reason, as happens in other sectors, international cooperation is essential.”

“Cider, both from the point of view of production and tourism, is experiencing a growth throughout the world, closely linked to artisan production and small cider houses. At this crucial moment, we want to unite to cooperate in the development of this industry and above all to promote culture and tourism,” he added.